Light Brown Hair Dye

Our light brown hair dye is light brown. Remember to do a strand test to make sure you are getting the color you want. In some cases if the light brown has gray, that part may look highlighted. All browns turn greenish blue at first and then fade to the final color over night and finish in 48 hours. Do not use soap for 48 hours!

Mix hair dye in a bowl until it is like wet mud, kind of like pudding, then apply to your hair. Leave on for 1 hour and rinse. Do not leave on for more than 3 hours!

You get a natural beautiful light brown color and your split ends will slowly start to disappear. Enjoy your new hair!

Remember, the color depends on what you are starting with.

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Hair Dye Ingredients

Light brown hair color dye

Light brown hair dye

Do not forget your hair dye application kit!