How It Works

How It Works

Every one of our products are 100% all natural. They are safe for kids as well as pregnant women,cancer patients,animals and people that have had bad allergic reactions to chemical hair dye.

Chemical hair dye kills the protein in your hair and alters the color. This is why it feels brittle after you get it died.

Our all natural hair dye binds to the proteins of your hair, it does not chemically alter it. Natural hair dye blocks UV rays and keeps your hair soft, shiny, thick and manageable. It helps to repair dry and damaged hair replenishing split ends while helping your hair grow longer.

If you have just bleached or used chemical hair dye recently you do not have to worry about using our henna. Our hair products are compound free, using no metals, chemicals or synthetic products. All are from plants or shrubs or clay’s.

If you have used chemicals for years now is the time to make the changes. You know what they say! Better late than never! If your hair is dry and brittle it is OK! It may take a few months to get you back on track, but your natural hair dye should start to work immediately. Since all of our products are chemical free there is no waiting period.

Some people are dye-less, meaning no hair dye will work on them. Some peoples hair has different sized pores and the spores from the dye will not fit in the pores. Henna has tiny spores and indigo is larger. So some people have to try a little harder. The percentage of non dye-able people are very small, less than 3%.

95% of the customers who have found us over the previous 5 years is after they have had a bad chemical reaction from chemical hair dye.

Harvest Moon Hair Dye looks and feels extremely natural. Your friends will ask you what you are using and how you did it.

Our hair dye is simple, wash your hair, mix your dye and apply. All of our hair dyes just simply mix with water, nothing more.

When your roots grow in you simply touch them up to maintain the same color.

You will notice your hair gets soft immediately after rinsing, even if you just used chemical hair dye.

All of Harvest Moon Hair Dye ingredients are plant and earth based. We add 0 chemicals.

Give back to mother nature and your self and have piece of mind knowing you are safe from chemicals.