Hair Colors

Gray Hair, Teens, Pregnant, Sick ,Cancer
Safe for anyone to use, 100% natural and 100% chemical free permanent hair dye.
Black Hair Dye
Burgundy Hair Dye
Copper Hair Dye
Light Brown Hair Dye
Brown Hair Dye
Dark Brown Hair Dye
Deep Red Hair Dye
Red Hair Dye
Natural Red Head Hair Dye (red orange)
Mahogany Hair Dye
Indigo For Hair

2 Responses to Colors hair dye

  • DR.Mushtaq Ahmed says:

    How can I get it for my personal use as I am very sensitive to all other hair dyes available in the market. Please help me if your product is chemical free. Thanks

    • Henna Hut says:

      You just order it on line, add to your shopping cart and check out. We do not add any chemicals to the dye.