Deep Red Hair Dye

All of our all natural hair dye is super fresh and double sealed to keep it that way. Deep red is more henna and is chemical free. The longer you leave it on the more red it will be. Do not leave it on for more than 3 hours. We recommend 45 minutes to one hour. Deep red hair is great for all hair colors. The lighter the hair the brighter the red, the darker the hair the darker the color. Remember we do not have chemicals in our hair color so it will not go lighter only darker.

Our deep red hair color will amaze you and your friends, while at the same time it conditions your hair. No more split ends and hello thick, soft, shiny hair.

Mix with warm water apply to clean hair and leave on for 1 hour. We recommend no longer than 3 hours. Use essential oils with red dyes for really dry and damaged hair.

Hair Dye Ingredients

Deep red hair color dye

Deep and Red

Do not forget your hair dye application kit!