Burgundy Hair Dye

Natural Burgundy Healthy Hair Dye

Here you will find burgundy hair dye that is all natural. Burgundy is a wine color like red wine. If you start with a light color in the beginning you will see more color. The darker your hair goes the darker the color will be. Mix with water and apply and leave on for 45 minutes to one hour, 3 hours maximum. The longer you leave it, the darker it will be.
Burgundy hair color is good for just about any color hair. The lighter you start with the lighter and brighter the burgundy. The darker the hair the darker the burgundy. Please remember all natural hair products go darker not lighter. It will require the sun or chemicals to lighten your hair. Some people have reported that Irish spring soap bars are also a way to lighten hair quicker if needed.


burgandy hair dye color

Do not forget your hair dye application kit!