Black Hair Dye

Our black hair dye is our only 2 step process for dying hair. Mix and apply 100% pure henna and leave on for 30 minutes to one hour. Rinse and then pad dry. You can leave it on longer, however we recommend not for more than 3 hours.

Then mix indigo and immediately apply to hair and leave on for 45 minutes to one hour and rinse.

If you have gray you will see a greenish blueish color and you will also see blue or green rinse from your hair. This is Normal! It will turn black.

Indigo is actually what they use for blue jeans and some food coloring. Ours is natural and comes from a plant, however some are made from synthetics. There are many many different types of indigo when it comes to synthetics.

When indigo is applied after henna it will turn greenish blue and then turn black over a 24 – 48 hour period. We suggest applying before you go to bed so when you wake up it will be dark and will turn even darker over the next 24 hours.

Black Includes 100 grams of Pure Henna and 100 Grams
of Pure Indigo. (enough for thick bra length hair).


black hair color dye

black hair dye when used with henna

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100 grams Pure Henna
100 Grams Pure Indigo
200 grams total!

Do not forget your hair dye application kit!

Black Hair Dye