About Us

After being burned by chemical beard dye, I set out to find something that was all natural with out any chemicals. This was a far greater task than I expected. People deserve something that is natural and chemical free. Our planets deserves it as well.  People also deserve hair dye that works and promotes healthy hair dye. In our search Harvest Moon hair dye and EarthDye stand out above the crowd. They are a safe alternative to chemical hair dye and great for your hair. It comes from natural plants that comes from our precious planet and are safe to flush or wash down the drain. We bring only honest bi partisan information. Our hearts are the right place and where raised on honesty and great ethics. The things we will post on this website are from our own experience and from the experience of thousands of others that use henna hair dye. Simply put, we care and we care more than anyone you will ever come to know. So book mark our website and come back often for new and updated tips on dying your hair the healthy way. 

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