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About Natural Hair Dye

Natural Hair Dye
Many companies call products natural, yet they put alcohol in it and chemicals! We hope you do not let their disappointment ruin your good judgement.Harvest Moon has gone a long way in the last 4 years using techniques Cleopatra even used. Our technology is not new, in fact it is ancient going back as far as the 19th dynasty.

It is permanent and looks very natural, they thought she never aged yet it was just a simple plant that kept her young and beautiful.

Today you can be as smart as Cleopatra and Lucile Ball. Why fry your hair when you can pamper it and help it grow thicker and healthier? Harvest Moon Hair Dye has a lasting effect and is there until your roots grow out. At that time you just touch up your roots in a matter of minutes and you are done.

Does it take special mixing?

Do not listen to silly myths of how to mix your henna. Always follow the manufactures directions, not someone that has a blog and a secret recipe. Henna recipes have long been around and the fact is tea or coffee will just ruin your henna.
Think about it, if coffee or tea enhances a stain, we would have been dying our hair with tea or coffee long ago. It even takes years of drinking coffee to stain your teeth and that is if you do not brush them.
Fresh henna just requires water and maybe lemon (for more red) and will stain in minutes once mixed. If it takes over night to release your dye, your henna is not fresh.

Stop using chemicals today and make the switch to Harvest Moon Hair Dye. It is 100% Natural and gets the job done and you get to keep your hair.

Is Henna Hair Dye Safe For My Hair?

Yes! Henna hair dye is safe! Many women and men wait until years of chemicals make there hair become brittle and break. Damage from chemicals can be long term. If that is why you are here now, you are in luck. Using henna and indigo over time will help strengthen and soften your hair once again. It will rid split ends and you will be able to grow your hair longer than you have ever been able to. You can use it as often as you like with no worry.

Will Henna Hair Colors Work on me?

Henna hair colors (or all natural hair colors) Work on 99.9% of any race, men and women. The best way is to simply do a strand test and see what color you will get. This is the same for men and beard dye. Henna and Natural Hair colors will only go darker, not lighter, so remember if you start with dark hair any of the colors will make it darker and with that highlight. For example if you have black hair and use red, it will still look black except in the sun, which is a really nice compliment. If you have black hair with gray, the gray will be red highlights. You can really have a lot of fun with henna and our all natural products. you can mix any color together and get different shades. Once you find a color you like you simple touch up the roots from then on out, saving time and money!

Is there any chemicals in your product?

No! All of our products are products by Harvest Moon and are 100% Chemical free. Safe for cancer patients, children and pregnant women. We always recommend a skin test regardless as some people are allergic to many different things.

We are always here to answer your questions , so feel free to ask. We do ask for all orders to be made online as this helps us to ship faster and help more people just like you. Shopping online is safer than the mall or a restaurant.