Reetha Powder

100% All Natural
Harvest Moon’s Reetha Powder (Sapindus Trifoliatus) comes from the fruit soapnut or soapberry. Its natural origin makes it an effective essence for deep cleansing and luster endowment for both the skin and the hair. Reetha Powder leaves the skin with exceptional radiance and refreshment that is free from blemishes and stains. It also provides the hair with incomparable shine, strength, and cleanliness that defeats the existence of hair lice and dandruff.

Why Use Harvest Moon’s Reetha Powder?

Compared with other skin and hair products that promise milestones of changes, Harvest Moon’s Reetha Powder prides itself with pure organic ingredients as opposed to chemical-bearing products which may, in the long run, damage the skin and the hair further. This great innovation presents a more convenient way of living a healthy life amidst a world that is significantly dependent on processed necessities.

Why Is Reetha Powder So Wonderfull?

Reetha trees are popularly found in the region of outer Himalayas. They can grow to up to twenty five (25) meters tall. Their fruits – the soapnuts or soapberries – start appearing in the months of July and August and reach their maturity in November or December. Soapnuts have been used in the early civilization as an efficient alternative for cleaning materials like laundry detergent, soap, and shampoo. When cracked, pounded, and mixed with water, they provide users with slippery consistency that resembled soapy features. In this contemporary age, dried soapnuts are crushed with assistance from machines (or sometimes, still from people) to produce reetha powder.

As a product of the world’s natural resources, Harvest Moon’s Reetha Powder proves to be beneficial to one’s skin and hair in ways more than one. First, it is budget friendly as it is clearly much cheaper than normal shampoo and skin toners. Second, it is ecologically forthcoming because soapnuts are purely 100% obtained from reetha trees found in the environment. Third, Reetha powder is so natural that it becomes a perfect solution for people with allergies and sensitive skin. Fourth, it is gentle and effective that it provides no elemental harm to the hair and skin.

Lastly, it is therapeutic! Ideal for:
Chemical treated hair, skin stains, microbes, acnes, and pore enlargement.

How to Use Harvest Moon’s Reetha Powder on Hair and Skin?

To give the hair a natural glow and noticeable bounce, you can observe the following steps on how to use Reetha Powder on your hair:

Mix Harvest Moon’s Reetha Powder with warm water until you reach a paste texture.
Massage the paste gently into your hair then onto your scalp with circular finger motions.
Let the paste remain for 5-10 minutes into your hair and onto your scalp. Wash thoroughly afterwards.

For your skin to gain an evident glow that will relieve itself from bacteria-borne pimples and other skin aversions, you can refer to the following steps:

Combine one (1) tablespoon of water and one (1) tablespoon of Harvest Moon’s Reetha Powder.
Rub on a thin layer of the mixture to your face or to any skin part that has a blemish.
Allow the mixture to stay on your face or skin for ten (10) – fifteen (15) minutes before rinsing it off. Make sure to use cold water in rinsing to help tighten the pores.

Reetha Powder