Copper Hair Dye

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Copper top hair dye by Harvest Moon is stunning and graceful. To see the benefits or copper top hair dye you must have gray hair with light hair or brown hair. If you add Copper top over dark hair or even medium hair with no gray, you will get a reddish brown. The gray or light hair is what gives it he red colored highlights.

This mixture of hair color is absolutely wonderful for your hair. Once you get the right combination you will forever be addicted to copper top hair color.

Remember, with all natural hair colors your need to test and see what colors work best on you. A strand test will tell you what to expect so make sure you do one.

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Copper hair dye color

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CopperTop Brown hair dye

4 Responses to Copper Hair Dye

  • renia says:

    I have black hair and need to dye it copper. Can I achieve such result using hanna.

  • Krumble1 says:

    Will this work with my dark brown hair or will I need to bleach it first?

    • Henna Hut says:

      it really depends on how dark your hair is and how much gray/silver/white/blonde hairs you have to really know. we recommend a strand test to everyone to determine exactly what the end resulting color will be. Most likely you will only notice a brown with hints of copper to the lighter shade of hairs.

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