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Healthy Hair Dye

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Healthy Hair Dye



If you want to keep your hair in tip top shape, all while coloring it, why not consider a hair dye that is organic? Harvest Moon and EarthDye are two brands that are literally healthy for hair.

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11 colors to choose from!

Healthy Hair Dye

All natural Harvest Moon Hair dye is super for your hair and beard. You can even use it on your eyebrows!

Healthy Hair Conditioners

Condition your hair back to health with non staining conditioners.
Keep in mind our hair dyes are also natural conditioners.

All Natural Healthy Sulfate Free Shampoo

and Conditioner

Harvest Moon Shampoo and Conditioner do not have preservatives or sulfates.
They work extremely well and only have at most 7 ingredients.

Mary says:

I love your products, thank you! I cannot use chemical hair dye and with out you I would be very depressed!

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